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Last Updated on October 5, 2023

The list that follows is an exhaustive list of words and definitions used in the online blackjack niche. When playing online blackjack, it is important to understand all the terms given below. If you want to increase your chances of winning and better comprehend the phrases used by the dealer and other players, it is best to read over the terms listed below.

AceIn Blackjack, an Ace card (A) can be counted as both a value of 1 or 11.
ActionТhe amount of money wagered. It may refer to the overall amount of wagers placed during a specific time period or it may refer to the stake amount for a specific wager. usually uttered by a host or pitboss.
AdvantageThe theoretical edge one side has over the other in terms of statistics; typically represented as a percentage of the wager. Card counting might give the player the advantage even if the casino typically holds the advantage.
Advantage PlayerA gambler who uses strategy to gain a mathematical advantage over the casino.
Back CountingObserving and counting cards from behind the table. To prevent negative counts, back counting is a fantastic strategy. Occasionally known as “wonging”.
Back OffWhen the casino requests that you stop playing blackjack. This is typically communicated in the form of a remark like “Your game is too strong for us”; but, it can also be communicated with the encouraging words “You are welcome to play any other game, just not 21.
Balanced CountA card counting system in which the sum of the negative cards is equal to the sum of positive cards. If the running count at the end of a full deck equals zero, it is a balanced count.
BankrollThe amount of funds available for wagering. Sometimes refers to the total amount of money available to gamble with, but can also refer to the amount available in a given playing session or for a given time period.
BarredPermanently prohibited from a place.
Basic StrategyThe optimal playing strategy for blackjack. The easiest way to find out if someone knows “basic” is to ask them what to do with a soft 18. If they tell you anything that is not on the chart or use words like “sometimes”, “usually”, or “depends” you know they are a fraud.
Bet SpreadThe total of a player’s minimum and maximum bets placed during a blackjack game. With a 1-5 bet spread, the player can wager as little as 1 unit per hand and as much as 5 units per hand. When counting, you anticipate making more money with a wider spread.
Black BookA nickname referring to a list of banned players. At this point, it is rarely a book, but an online database.
Black Chip$100 chip.
Blackjack not on GamstopOnline blackjack not covered by Gamstop and can provide blackjack games based in the US and other countries.
Brown/Chocolate Chip$5000 chip.
Burn CardThe first card of a new deck after the shuffle and cut. The dealer usually puts this face down in the discard tray. Often times a card is burned when a new dealer comes in.
BustWhen a player’s or dealer’s hand exceeds 21.
Bust CardThe individual card that results in the player’s or dealer’s hand going over 21.
CamouflageAnything a skilled gambler does to conceal their activities from the casino. Camouflage can include mixing in playing and betting behavior that mimics typical gamblers, or using disguises, appearing to be drunk, or any number of other possible ploys intended to throw the casino’s scrutiny off.
Card CountingA blackjack method that involves keeping track of the proportion of high cards to low cards that have already been dealt. When the deck offers the player advantageous chances, a card counter increases his wager; when the deck offers the player unfavorable odds, he decreases his bet. There are numerous card counting strategies with different levels of effectiveness.
Carnival GamesOther table games such as 3 Card Poker, Mississippi Stud, Ultimate Texas Hold-em, etc.
D9Double only 9,10,11. Cannot double down on soft hands.
DA2Double any two cards.
DASDouble After Split (verses: NDAS, which is NO Double After Split). A rule that is a benefit to the player that allows you to double down after you split a hand.
DeviationsA playing deviation is changing from Basic Strategy at certain times based upon the count.
DoubleThis playing decision will require the player to increase their bet on the hand to double it’s original value. It then requires the dealer to deal only one more card to the player’s Blackjack hand.
Early SurrenderOnce a player receives their first two cards but before the dealer checks for a blackjack, to resign or give up. Half of the player’s wager is lost.
Even MoneyThe bettor stands to lose or win the same amount of money in a wager with equal odds. A player with a Natural hand and an Ace Up card from the Dealer is eligible to request and receive a 1:1 payout on his hand.
Expected Value (EV)The value of any given time period in terms of statistics. Despite the fact that outcomes rarely match a player’s expected value in the short term, the expected value is the sum that a hand is deemed to be “worth.” Inevitably, over time, actual results will surpass expected value.
First BaseThe seat on the dealer’s far left. The first hand will always be dealt to first-base.
Flat BetBetting the same amount of money on each successive hand.
Green Chip$25 chip.
Hard HandHand without an Ace, or with an Ace but only as a value of 1.
Hard TotalThe total of any number of cards in a hand, counting Aces as 1.
Heads UpPlaying without any other players at the table.
HitThis playing decision will require the dealer to deal another card onto the player’s Blackjack hand.
HIT 17 (H17)A rule in blackjack that requires the dealer to take a hit when they have a soft 17. Compare this to the Stand 17 rule, which requires the dealer to stand on a soft 17.
IndexIn Card Counting, the Index refers to the integers indicated on the Deviations chart (S17 or H17).
InsuranceInsurance, which is treated separately from the primary wager and is a side betting that the dealer has a blackjack (natural), is accepted. It is accessible when the dealer’s exposed card is an ace and pays 2:1 (two dollars are awarded for each dollar wagered).
LS (or SR)Late surrender. You may surrender your hand to receive half your bet.
N0N-zero. The number of rounds it takes to overcome 2/3’s of the variance.
Natural (blackjack hand)A player who receives an Ace and a 10-point card as the initial two cards on a deal is said to have a “natural 21” or a “blackjack”. Depending on the house rules, this hand is usually awarded 3:2 on the player’s bet. I.e. Player bets $10 and is paid $15.
NDASNo Double After Split (verses: DAS=Double After Split).
NRSANo resplit aces.
Pink Chip$2.50 chip.
Preferential ShuffleWhen the casino decides to shuffle up whenever they wish, usually when you press your bets. Effectively destroys your edge.
PloppyYour typical sucker blackjack player.
Purple/Barney Chip$500 chip.
Red Chip$5 chip.
Risk of Ruin (ROR)The mathematical chance of losing one’s entire bankroll.
RoundIn Blackjack, a Round starts with no cards on the table, and the player’s bets being placed. A hand is dealt to every player, and the dealer, and the Round ends when those hands have been played through, and the player’s bets have been paid out.
RSAResplit aces.
Running CountThe total value of the count, positive or negative, at any given time. This is the overall total used to calculate the true count.
Soft HandHand with an Ace that doubles as 1 or 11. There is no way you can bust if you hit.
Soft TotalThe total of any number of cards in a hand, which includes an Ace which can use it’s 11 value, without exceeding 21. Ex. Hand: Ace, 4. This hand’s Soft Total would be 15. It can also be counted as a Hard 5.
SplitThis playing decision is available to the player only when the first two cards dealt to any hand are of equal value. Ex. 8,8, A,A, K,10. Normally, a player can split his hands up to four times.
StandThis playing decision will refuse the dealer from dealing another card onto the player’s Blackjack hand.
Stand 17 (s17)A rule in blackjack that requires the dealer to stand when sitting on a Soft 17. Compare this rule to Hit 17, which requires the dealer to hit when sitting on a Soft 17.
SurrenderThis playing decision, when available, allows the player to give up half of the bet, in order to not be required to continue playing the hand, potentially losing the entire original bet.
True CountThe count per deck. You can calculate this but dividing the Running Count by the number of decks left to be dealt.
Two-roundWhen the casino tells the dealer to only deal two rounds and then shuffle. Effectively destroys your edge.
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