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Last Updated on September 27, 2023

You should spend some time understanding crucial online slots vocabulary before learning how to grasp online slots. Knowing the words and what they imply can put you on the right track to being a great online slots player.

Whether you are a slots expert or a casual player, knowing the fundamental vocabulary makes these terminology more familiar and offers you a better idea of what slots are all about.

3 Reels slotsThree vertical rows and one to five paylines are present on a three-reel slot. They can be quite easy to play and have a better winning potential than more complicated game.
5 Reels slotsThe most popular type of online slot. There are extra rows, which gives the player access to more payline.
AutoplayA feature that enables the slot machine to automatically spin the reels for a predetermined amount of spins.
BetThe amount of money staked for each slot machine round.
Bonus buy slotsBonus buy slots allow players to purchase bonus rounds for a fee. Players who wish to boost their chances of winning a sizable payment may find this to be a smart option.
Bonus roundA unique feature that can be activated while playing regularly, frequently by landing a particular combination of symbols. Free spins, multipliers, and other gifts may be available to players during bonus rounds.
Branded SlotsAn online slot machine based on a well-known film or TV show. Typically have comprehensive functionality, appealing design, and engaging gameplay.
Cascading reelsA bonus feature that allows players to win more than once from a single spin by making winning symbols vanish and be replaced by fresh ones.
CashbackA bonus that a casino offers to a player. This is typically awarded to players in the form of credits or cash to their accounts and is calculated as a percentage of their total casino spending.
Casino Software ProviderThe developers of the games and slots that we enjoy playing at mobile casinos. Casino software vendors include Playtech, Microgaming, and Net Entertainment.
CashoutThe choice to withdraw your remaining funds from your casino account and continue playing.
Classic slotSlots that perfectly re-create the appearance, feel, and gameplay elements of vintage slots. These slots have little extras except the standard features and don’t have any bonus features.
Click-me bonusA bonus element where players can disclose prizes by clicking on concealed things on the screen.
CoinA virtual currency used to bet on slot machines.
Coin In/OutThe terms “coin in” and “coin out” describe the credits or units that were both used and lost. Coin in and coin out refer to the number of units that were played and won, respectively.
Coin SizeSome slot machines allow players to change the amount they want to wager in small increments.
DenominationThe value of each coin.
Egyptian slotsA type of online slot machine that is themed around ancient Egypt.
Expanding wildA wild symbol that expands to cover the entire reel on which it lands.
Feature buyA feature that allows players to purchase bonus rounds for a fee.
Free spinsA round of gambling where the player is not charged any money. In a bonus round, free spins are frequently given.
Fruit machineA British term for a slot machine.
Gamble featureA bonus feature that allows players to risk their profits in an effort to double or quadruple them.
HitA winning combination of symbols on the reels.
JackpotThe highest possible payout on a slot machine.
MegabucksOne million Dollars (very large sums of money).
Megaways slotsMegaways slots are known for their high volatility and big win potential.
Movie slotsA type of online slot machine that is based on a popular movie.
Multi-line slotsA slot machine with more than one pay line. You can play games on a single machine with up to 100 or more betting lines.
MultiplierA bonus feature that increases the payment for successful combinations.
PaylineA line across the reels on which winning combos can be made.
PaytableA chart that lists each potential winning combination on a slot machine along with the associated prizes.
PayoutThe amount of money won for a winning combo.
Pick-a-prize bonusA bonus game where prizes are unlocked by selecting from a variety of concealed objects.
PokiesA term used in Australia and New Zeland to describe a poker machine.
Progressive jackpotA jackpot which increases each time the game is played but the jackpot is not won.
ReelA vertical column of symbols on a slot machine.
RTP (Return to Player)A chart that lists each potential winning combination on a slot machine along with the associated prizes.
Second screen bonusA bonus feature that directs users to a different screen where they can engage in games or challenges to earn rewards.
Slots not on GamstopOnline slot not covered by Gamstop and can provide slots based in the US and other countries.
Stacked wildA wild symbol that appears stacked on top of itself on the reels.
Sticky wildA wild symbol that remains on the reels for multiple spins.
Video slotA slot machine that features video graphics and animations.
VolatilityA measurement of the frequency and size of a slot machine’s rewards. Slot machines with high volatility pay out less frequently but with greater payouts, while machines with low volatility pay out more frequently but with lower payouts.
WagerMoney used to wager on a casino game or in a casino.
Wager managementA strategy for controlling a player’s betting budget.
Walking wildA wild symbol that moves across the reels on each spin.
WellA collection bin where coins are collected after a cashout.
Wild symbolA symbol that can substitute for any other symbol to form a winning combination.

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