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Last Updated on December 23, 2023

Online casino table games allow you to spin the roulette wheel or face a blackjack dealer without leaving your house. In 2024, you can play hundreds of traditional casino games for free or for real money.
The following is a comprehensive collection of terminology and definitions used in all table games. It is critical to grasp all of the terms listed below when playing table games. If you want to improve your chances of winning and better understand the jargon used by the dealer and other players, go over the terms mentioned below.

ActionThe total sum of money wagered (put into action) by a player throughout their session. 
Add-onExtra chips that every player can buy at a specific point in a poker tournament.
All-inWhen a player bets all their chips at once during a game of poker.
American rouletteThe version of roulette that has zero and double zero on the roulette wheel.
AnteA small bet made by players before a hand of cards is dealt.
ArmA term used in craps to describe a highly skilled player.
BaccaratA casino table game played between a player and a banker.
Bad beatWhen you have a strong hand that is expected to win, but you still lose.
BankrollThe amount of money a player is willing to spend during a session or the total amount they have to gamble during a particular period.
BetThe amount wagered.
Betting limitsThe minimum and maximum amounts of money that a player can wager on one bet.
Blind betIn poker, a bet posted without the player seeing any of their cards. 
BlindsA forced bet in Hold’em poker. 
BonusMoney that could be given to you for free for various reasons, such as when signing up with an online casino.
BumpTo raise your bet. 
Burn cardThe card that’s taken off the top of the deck by the dealer before revealing one or more board cards in poker.
Buy-inThe amount of money needed to enter a table game or tournament.
CallTo match the current bet during a poker game.
CashbackA percentage of the money that you spent and lost at a casino that you receive back.
Hold’em pokerA card game based on Texas Hold’em poker, where players bet against the casino rather than other players.
ChaseThe attempt to win back money after a losing bet or streak.
CheckAn action in poker whereby the player stays in the game without placing a bet on their hand.
Chemin de FerA variant of baccarat.
ChipTokens (usually in the form of round plastic discs) of various denominations used to make bets.
ColdA player on a losing streak or a game that isn’t rewarding players with winnings.
CrapsA casino dice game.
CreditIn online casinos, wagers are expressed in credits.
CroupierThe dealer in baccarat and roulette.
DepositA payment made to a casino online to play casino games on their platform.
DropMoney collected by the dealer that was lost during a game and now belongs to the casino.
EdgeAn advantage over your opponent.
Even-money betA wager where the player has a chance to win back the amount that they bet.
Face cardsThe jack, queen and king of any suit of cards.
Face-downA card dealt face-down without its value exposed.
Face-upA card dealt face-up, with its value exposed.
Flat bettingA way of betting where the same amount is bet on each wager.
FlopThe first three community cards in Hold‘em and Omaha poker, dealt all at once, face-up.
FlushA poker hand where all the cards have the same suit.
FoldForfeiting your hand, a term used predominantly in poker.
Free spinWhen a player gets to spin the reel of a slot without having to pay.
Full houseA poker hand that consists of a pair and a three-of-a-kind.
GrindTo play a lot.
HandRefers to the cards that you hold during a game.
High cardThe highest value card that is not part of a pair or stronger combination in a poker hand.
HitDrawing an additional card during a game of blackjack.
Hole cardRefers to the face-down card that the dealer gets in blackjack/poker.
InsuranceA side bet offered when the dealer shows an ace in blackjack.
JackpotA large prize pool or individual win.
KickerA card that is used to break a tie in poker.
Live dealer gamesA genre of online casino games where the game is hosted by a real dealer and is streamed live to players.
No-Limit, or NLWhen a player can bet all their chips at any time, most often seen in poker.
OddsThe statistical chance of winning or losing a bet.
OutA card that will improve a player’s hand.
PayoutThe amount of money paid out to the player when they win.
Playthrough requirementsThe conditions you must meet in order to withdraw any winnings from a bonus or promotional offer.
PokerA card game that offers a wide number of variations, such as Texas Hold’em, Seven-card Stud, Omaha, Razz, Lowball and Pineapple.
PotThe amount of money that accumulates during a poker game as each player antes, bets and raises.
RankThe worth of a set of cards in poker.
RiverThe last community card to be dealt in a game of poker.
RouletteA casino table game that uses a spinning wheel with numbers on which players bet on the potential landing of the ball.
Random Number Generator, or RNGRefers to a computer-based program used by online casinos to generate a random result.
Royal flushThe five highest cards of the same suit — 10, jack, queen, king and ace; the best possible hand in poker.
SuitAny one of the four types of cards: clubs, diamonds, hearts or spades.
Straight flushFive consecutive cards of the same suit in poker.
Table games not on GamstopOnline casino table games not covered by Gamstop and can provide games based in the US and other countries.
Three-of-a-kindThree cards of the same rank. Also referred to as “trips.”
TournamentA competition between a group of players over a period of time.
UnderlayA bad or unfavorable bet.
VIPA Very Important Person.
WagerAnother term for a bet.
Wild cardA joker or another predetermined card that can be used in the place of any other card to complete your hand.
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